Carson’s story

Carson is a digital creator, filmmaker, and entrepreneur born and raised in Minnesota. He spent his youth tinkering with and obsessing over tech, cameras, and storytelling. Filming the families vacation highlights, becoming his friends go to video guy for snowboarding edits, or creating fan mashups from his favorite movie franchises, Carson shaped his skills as an editor, filmmaker, and creative.

Through his teens and into college, Carson developed a deep passion for filmmaking and movie culture. He often spends his free time chasing down the latest indie movie in Kansas City, adding new additions to his physical media collection, and scouring Twitter for the latest on the industry.

Carson is entering his final semester at The University of Kansas and will be graduating in May 2021 with a double degree in Film Production and Business Marketing. Although busy at work editing the feature film he shot last summer, he plans to create a more personal short film for his upcoming capstone project.

If you’d like to contact Carson for freelance, corporate, or other creative opportunities the links are posted below.