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A mysterious stranger is found in the small town of Overbrook, Kansas and it’s up to police chief Gordon Winters to get to the bottom of it.

Unknown completed post production in 2020 and is currently being submitted to festivals. The film was written and directed by Zachary Boehm. Carson served as lead camera operator on the project under director of photography David Han.


A team of microbiologists stationed in Antarctica discover a dormant virus with unique properties. As they race to uncover answers about its scientific makeup, danger spreads…

Remission completed principal photography in July 2019 and after some post-production delays, it will be released and entered into festivals later this year. Carson was 1st AC under director of photography Lucas Cohen. Remission was written and directed by Ben Schatzel.

Trans Artist Documentary

Directed by Dylan Daniels, this documentary seeks out the stories of several transgender music artists and how their transitions have shaped their music, lives, and communities. Carson is currently working with frequent collaborator, friend, and artist Cuee to film his segment for the documentary.